Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Excitement and Disappointment

Well let's go with the disappointing news first. That barn that I mentioned yesterday? The super amazing, I-can't-wait-to-board-there-barn? I didn't get it. There was someone else coming to look at it on Tuesday so I emailed the BO on Monday morning to place a deposit on it, buuuut I guess the girl came out on Monday instead of Tuesday and immediately placed a deposit down on the stall. I am so bummed. I hate looking for barns more than I hate saddle shopping and this town seriously has zip, zero, zilch to offer. I was so excited to find such a fancy (but still affordable) barn that was close to school. Now back to looking at barns that I don't like. My barn is seriously nicer than half these places and my barn is kind of a dump. Not kidding. Wish I could pick it up and place it near an indoor arena and I'd be set. If only...

Let's move on to the exciting part! I got a new trailer! I'm am so excited about this. I've been wanting a new trailer forever and I finally got one! While I was away, my dad got the old trailer professionally cleaned and repainted and sold it, then bought a two horse, fully enclosed trailer that I love! I guess it took some fixing up, but it looks wonderful now. I'm over the moon. My favorite part? The tack room! It's huge. It only has 2 saddle racks and they are not swing out like I was hoping, but with all the room is doesn't matter. It has a seat with storage under it and room for the water tank to sit on top. A cupboard in the corner with shelves and a full length mirror. And the door locks! I love it. Can't believe my dad finally went through with it since I've been wanting a new trailer for years. It is a 2 horse, but that's kind of a benefit. I've never hauled more than 2 of my own horses in my 3 horse and in fact, last year was the first time I've used the 3 horse capacity and I ended up becoming the horse taxi for the dressage team which was slightly annoying. Now I have a good excuse not to pick up everyone :)


  1. Yea for trailer and boo on barn loss. I agree, looking for barns is like finding the perfect 'not hand that rocks the cradle' daycare for our pony kids! ;)

  2. Sorry you didn't get the place at the barn, but that trailer is AWESOME!! Congrats